RVing Dads Podcast

Ramblings of a couple Dads who full-time travel in RVs with their families.

RVing Dads podcast is produced by Todd and Dustin, who have over 9 years of  full-time RVing experience.   Todd left New York many years ago to tour the country with his wife and three children.  Dustin left snowy Michigan with his wife and four children.   RVingDads podcast is made of the stories they accumulated along the way.  Their experiences include travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and the big trucks that pull them.


Types of RVs

Todd and Dustin talk about the different RV types, and the advantages and disadvantages of each for RVing Families. Special guest Tony Greising-Murschel from “Let’s Travel Family” gives us a special insight into Class C RVs!


Todd and Dustin discuss one of the most important topics about RVing with kids: Coffee There are many ways to make it, but how do these seasoned veterans make their coffee?

The best campgrounds

Dustin and Todd discuss some of their favorite camping sites across the USA. From the sandy beaches at Gulf Shores Florida, to peaceful riverside sites in California. Listen to this episode to hear our favorites.


The RVing Dads talk Trucks! What do you need to Fulltime RV? Gas or Diesel? 2 or 4 Wheel drive? 1/2 ton or 1 ton? Are Dual Rear Wheels necessary?

Our RVs

Listen to this episode to learn more about the different RVs that Todd and Dustin travel in.  The reasons why we chose them, and why we still like them.

The Good and the Bad

In this episode, we talk about the good and bad about RVing Fulltime with our families.   There are somethings we really enjoy, like the places we visit.  However, there are things we don’t particularly like, such as..


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