What is RVing Dads?

Simply put, it’s the ramblings of a couple dads who travel full-time in RVs with their families.

Together, producers Todd and Dustin have over 9 years of full-time RVing experience. Todd left New York many years ago to tour the country with his wife and three children. Meanwhile, Dustin left snowy Michigan with his wife and four children to do the same. The RVing Dads podcast is made of the stories they’ve accumulated along the way. 

In this show you’ll hear of adventures in motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Many wonderful moments will be discussed, as well as the hard lessons learned. You might get a chuckle or two, and you’re bound to come away with information that’ll help you during your own RV travels. 


RVing to Alaska

What is it like to take an RV to Alaska? Dustin wanted to go to Alaska in his RV from the moment he hit the road. He had the opportunity to have that experience last year, and is happy to share all the ins and outs with a curious Todd, who has yet to make …

RV Cooking

This post may contain compensated links. Cooking in an RV can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are the kitchens in these little homes teeny tiny, they also tend to be very limited on counter space. On top of that, there are times when you might want to avoid burning through your propane through any …

Internet for RVers

This post may contain compensated links. Internet for RVers is one of our favorite topics. Listen to this episode to learn how we stay connected on the road for work, fun, and homeschooling. Get info on the pros and cons of providers such as Verizon, StarLink, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more. Additionally, we discuss our preferred …


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