New River Gorge National Park

New River Gorge

Do you enjoy visiting national parks? We know we do! Fortunately, there are always new parks being added. And the newest park of the bunch? New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. This is an absolutely breathtaking place that we highly recommend hiking whenever you get the chance. 

In this episode, Dustin and Todd are in West Virginia and have just visited this amazing new park. They share some facts about the park, as well as where they went and what they learned on their West Virginia adventure. This will allow you to plan an amazing visit to New River Gorge National Park, making sure you get the most you possibly can out of your visit.

Must-do’s in and around the park: 

  • Annual Bridge Day
  • Fayette Station Road (drive to the “old bridge”)
  • Babcock State Park
  • Island in the Sky Trail
  • Grandview Visitor Center
  • Endless Wall Trail
  • Long Point Trail
  • Sandstone Visitor Center and Overlook
  • Sandstone Island and Falls
  • Grandview Rim Trail
  • Thurmond Ghost Town
  • Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine 
  • Canyon Rim Visitor Center

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National Parks

Yellowstone National Park

One of the best things to do when traveling in an RV is visit our country’s gorgeous national parks. However, there’s a lot to consider when planning a trip to a national park.

First, there’s the question of which ones to visit. There are actually a lot more national parks service sites than most people realize, and nearly all of them are worth visiting. From national historic sites and monuments to national trails and the actual national parks themselves, you have a LOT to choose from. 

Other things to consider include where to stay when visiting a park, how you’ll get work done while there—cell service is scarce inside of parks and can be iffy right outside of the parks—and how much time to spend there. 

In this episode we will help you plan your national parks trips. We will discuss some of our favorite parks, give tips for visiting the parks, talk about some places we like to stay, and share some secret spots you may not even know about. We’ll also discuss some of the reasons we love national parks. After this listen you should be able to plan some epic trips you and your family won’t soon forget. 

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RV Caravan Tours for Families?

Family RV Caravans

Want to take a guided RV Tour, but have kids in tow?  You’re in luck!  Our new sponsor, Family RV Caravans, offers guided RV tours for families with children.  This is exactly what we need, as RVing Dads; a fun way to explore the country, time to relax around a campfire, and fun activities for our kids.

 Visit the colorful swirls at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Family RV Caravan’s guided tour of Utah National Parks occurs in the Spring of 2021.

Why wait in line at Disney or get locked in a cabin on a Cruise ship, when you can safely explore America with your family in a guided RV Caravan?  See beautiful sights while making memories that last a lifetime!

“This is a game changer for the RV industry. We are the first and only RV tour company dedicated to families with children.” says Tara Pike, Marketing Director for Family RV Caravans.  

You can expect a fully guided experience led by RV experts, as they caravan through the most beautiful spots in America. Spend days immersed in beautiful locations and relax in the evenings with other families, as they explore National Parks, beaches, and scenic beauty.  The caravans stay at campgrounds and RV resorts each night, take a short drive each day filled with tours of beautiful places.  Each evening is filled with delicious foods, relaxed activities and, undoubtedly, campfires!

The brilliant white sand beaches in Destin Florida are to be explored on the Winter Break tour of Gulf Coast Beaches. Find out more at

They have openings now for their tours of Utah National Parks, Michigan State Parks, and Gulf Coast Beach tours

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RVing to Mexico

RVing Mexico

One of the most exciting places a US-based RVer can visit is Mexico. That said, visiting an entirely new country in your home-on-wheels can also be a bit overwhelming and even a little bit scary, especially when traveling with kids.

If you’re wondering what steps you should take before heading to Mexico in your RV—and what to expect once you get down there—this is the episode for you. Dustin, Todd, and a special guest speaker discuss safety, budget, locations, food, water, and more, so you can be well prepared on your Mexico RV adventure.

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RVing to Alaska

RVing to Alaska

This post may contain compensated links.

What is it like to take an RV to Alaska? Dustin wanted to go to Alaska in his RV from the moment he hit the road. He had the opportunity to have that experience last year, and is happy to share all the ins and outs with a curious Todd, who has yet to make it to this incredible state.

If you’ve ever considered RVing to Alaska, this is the episode for you. Learn some random facts about The Last Frontier, find out which sights are must-sees, and get a better understanding of what a person should do to prepare for an RV trip to this faraway state.

We discuss how to get internet access in Canada and Alaska, how to find camping and other important stops, blocking the sunlight for sleep, and more.

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