This episode is all about trucks. It seems every RV dad loves to talk about trucks, and Dustin and Todd are no exception. Listen in on their conversation and learn everything you need to know before purchasing your tow vehicle.

The following topics are discussed: 

  • 4-wheel drive versus 2-wheel drive—does it really matter? 
  • What about fuel type? Should you go with diesel or gas? Why choose one over the other? 
  • What do the numbers at the end of truck names actually mean, and what should you be looking for? 
  • Truck bed size—should you go with a 6-foot short bed, or an 8-foot long bed? 
  • Dually trucks—what are the benefits, and are they necessary?
  • Ford versus Dodge versus Chevrolet—is one better than the other?
  • Should you purchase new or used? What should you consider when making that choice?
  • Truck safety—big trucks tend to be pretty safe, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to look for certain things.
  • What do Dustin and Todd carry in the back of their trucks?
  • Features—what should an RVing family look for? The guys talk about:
    • Number of seatbelts
    • Type of flooring
    • Charging ports

Mentioned in this episode:

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    1. Great feedback Chris. These are very important numbers and are crutial to the overall towing capacity of the truck. We would like to discuss this in an upcoming episode, along with suspension, brakes, transmission. Would you like to be our guest on this episode? Let us know at or

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